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Paul Anthony Taylor from Dr Rath Foundation in Leicester on 02/04/12

Paul Anthony Taylor is Executive Director of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to improving human health on a global scale through scientific research, education and the defense of patients’ rights to choose natural health therapies.

An internationally-known writer, researcher and lecturer on the subject of the United Nations’ Codex Alimentarius Commission, and a seven-time official observer delegate at its meetings, Paul has worked with the Foundation since 2003 and accumulated a vast and unique range of experience in the closely related fields of natural health and health politics.

In his Truthjuice appearances, Paul will be summarizing the key scientific discoveries of the Foundation’s founder, Dr. Matthias Rath; explaining the concept of Cellular Medicine; and describing how research breakthroughs in natural therapies have unleashed the very real possibility that today’s most common health problems – including cardiovascular disease, cancer and even HIV/AIDS – will be largely unknown in future generations. “When this goal is achieved,” says Paul, “it will change the lives of everybody on the planet in ways that can barely be imagined.”  Crucially, however, Paul will also be describing the key political and regulatory threats to the future availability of such therapies and, explaining the role the European Union is playing in these, reveal the shocking origins of the EU that have thus far been hidden from public awareness.

Prior to working with the Foundation, Paul’s background was in the music industry, where he worked as a musician, arranger and producer, with artists including Paul McCartney, Bryan Ferry, Bill Withers, the Verve, Texas and Primal Scream.  Known during the 1990s as one of the busiest studio keyboard player/programmers on the London music scene, Paul’s performances helped sell millions of records and have been broadcast all over the world.

Paul originally became interested in natural health after falling ill with an ME-related disorder in 1991 and subsequently making a full recovery through the use of nutritional supplements.  This experience had an immediate and profound effect upon Paul’s worldview.  So much so, in fact, that, after meeting Dr. Rath in 2002, it resulted in him making a life-changing decision to leave the music industry and devote himself fulltime to raising awareness of natural health options and defending the right of patients to have free access to natural health therapies.

About the Dr. Rath Health Foundation

The primary goal of the Dr. Rath Health Foundation is to establish a New Global Healthcare System that can be implemented simply and economically in any country, at the local level and right up to the level of national public health policy.  Based on the groundbreaking scientific discoveries of the organization’s founder, Dr. Matthias Rath, a pioneer in natural health research, it is already possible that cardiovascular disease, cancer, AIDS and other chronic diseases will be largely unknown in future generations if this New Global Healthcare System is implemented now.

Backed-up by the extensive research carried out at the Dr. Rath Research Institute in California, the Foundation has become a major force in promoting natural health education and people’s health rights throughout the world.

Amongst its campaigns, the Foundation sees the ending of global health illiteracy as a precondition for winning the war against chronic diseases that cost the lives of countless millions of people every year.  To address this, the Foundation’s World Health Alphabetization campaign has been specifically designed to teach young people about the relationship between nutrition and health.  By spreading the scientific facts about health, and, at the same time raising awareness of the existence of safe and effective natural alternatives to the pharmaceutical industry’s patented chemical drug medicines, the Foundation’s work is paving the way for the saving of millions of lives.


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