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Richard Hoyle – The Bosnian Pyramids in Leicester on 22/04/13

BosnianPyramidofSunRich Hoyle – what are the Bosnian Pyramids and who built them?
Discovered in 2005 by Dr Semir Osmanagic, the Bosnian Pyramids are potentially the largest artificial pyramidal structures in Europe and the World. Fifteen kilometres North West of the capital Sarajevo is the small town of Visoko. In this town’s immediate surroundings are three giant Pyramids – The Sun, The Moon and The Dragon. The Sun Pyramid is the largest structure in the Visoko complex being over 270m tall and having an estimated mass 39 times greater than that of the Great Pyramid of Giza.
Construction techniques around the Bosnian Pyramid Valley employ the use of artificial geo-polymers which are so advanced that we cannot produce concrete of such high quality today with modern industrial processes.
The highly developed use of materials by the builders has produced some of the most ecologically friendly constructions of all time as, rather than employing the wasteful process of quarrying, the builder opted for a construction process our leading technologists of today have recently developed and termed ‘Additive Manufacturing’ or more commonly ‘3D printing’.
The three Pyramids are perfectly aligned to the cardinal points and support a host of other smaller and unusual structures including mounds, tumuli and a complex tunnel system which runs for many kilometres under the town of Visoko.

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