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Dennis Price – The missing years of Jesus in Leicester on 12/08/13





[notice]Due to unforeseen circumstances, this event has been cancelled[/notice]



Dennis Price has long had a fascination with investigating ‘ancient mysteries’, particularly those like Stonehenge and Silbury Hill that are generally thought of as being insoluble. In 2004, he turned his attention to the enigma of the so-called ‘missing years’ of Jesus, with what have proved to be stunning results.

In brief, Jesus effectively vanishes from the Biblical accounts for 18 years, or over half his entire lifetime, between the ages of 12 and 30. There are numerous legends of Jesus visiting the West of England during this time, while the most famous expression of these legends is William Blake’s poem ‘Jerusalem’, with its famous opening line “And did those feet in ancient time, walk upon England’s mountains green?”

These legends had always been dismissed by the establishment as pure fantasy and mediaeval inventions, but Dennis rapidly discovered concrete evidence that strongly suggested otherwise. His in-depth and scholarly investigations resulted in the publication of the book “The Missing Years of Jesus – The Greatest Story Never Told“, with a foreword written by a respected and prominent archaeologist, Peter Mills, of the Mills Whipp Archaeological Consultancy in London.

The book was launched at the famous Watkins Bookshop in central London in early 2009 and positive reviews rapidly followed, from pagans, Christians, academics and many others, including the respected authority on such esoteric matters, Colin Wilson.

As a result of the intense and ongoing interest in his book, Dennis has been interviewed extensively about his discoveries. He has been interviewed on British radio, including the BBC and independent stations, and on American, European and Scandinavian radio. He has appeared on Sky TV and on independent television channels in Britain, he’s been invited to write numerous articles for newspapers and magazines in Britain and abroad, while “The Missing Years of Jesus” has been favourably mentioned in two subsequent books by other serious investigators into Britain’s ancient past.

Since the publication of the book, new material and evidence to support the idea that Jesus once visited Britain continues to come to light, as Dennis has always actively encouraged anyone with relevant information to write to him at his Eternal Idol site. Some of this material is published as soon as it comes in, but some matters have taken months to investigate and to come to fruition.

In addition to the media appearances, Dennis is frequently invited to give talks and presentations at colleges, private functions, festivals and so forth. He was recently invited to talk about his book and his findings at St James’s Church in Piccadilly, which he did, in late November 2010. Dennis is pictured below at St James’s Church on the night of his presentation along with his friend Ian Hambelton.

Dennis was particularly moved by this invitation because William Blake had been baptised in this church, and apart from being one of Britain’s greatest poets, painters and visionaries, he wrote the verse “And did those feet in ancient time?” upon which Dennis’s book was ultimately based.

When Dennis began his investigation into this matter, it was largely regarded as obscure fantasy, unworthy of serious study. Now, however, the so-called ‘missing years’ of Jesus are regarded as an entirely legitimate ancient mystery by increasing number of scholars and academics. They are also, of course, a source of fascination to increasing numbers of people the world over, who are carefully weighing the evidence that Dennis has presented for the West of England and South Wales being the places that a young Jesus travelled to during that period of his life on which the Bible is silent.

Dennis’ website is: http://www.deadofnightproductions.com/



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