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Michael O’Deira – “Adventures in Organised Anarchy ~ a Rogue’s Progress.”

The Rise of the Sovereign Individual and jumping the Citizen-ship

In a world of deceit and coercive consent, a truly functioning Man needs the vigilant protection of his ‘bullshit detector’. This is sometimes referred to as ‘Common Sense’, though in a world of constant propaganda bombardment and fallacious thinking, this is self-evidently ‘lacking’ in many. Less frequently, it is referred to as Man’s inherent capability to apply his innate powers of logic and reason in order to reach the truth.

It is also known as critical thinking ~ the ability to apply the whole of his brain to that which comes to his attention. In this sense, it works like a coffee filter that extracts the grits, or removes the fallacies and erroneous aspects of his thinking. To be free of fallacious thoughts, whether ‘external’ or ‘internal’, Man has to be able to determine the truth through the combination of his natural powers of logic and intuition before he can apply his subsequent wisdom to his life.

Michael O’Deira is Founding Trustee of Universal Community Trust and the independent anarcho-nation of Bernicia & Deira; the editor, administrator, author and content creator for

www.roguemale.org, a public and private speaker on the trivium, sovereignty and banking crimes; and the host of the RogueCast, a podcast, available at his site.

With some 20 years of working as an English, Media studies and drama teacher mercifully behind him, Michael remains, in spite of all that, dedicated to individual freedom through education & self-realisation. He is also the founder of the forum www.thinkfree.org.uk a troll and toll free educational resource which began in 2009. Both sites are where much of his research, observations and subsequent adventures may be read.

He is also co-producer and director of the soon-to-be-released ‘shockumentary’ film, THE GREAT BRITISH MORTGAGE SWINDLE, his first film, a powerful expose of the genocide of banking fraud.

This presentation will contain information pertaining to Natural Law, the psy-op known as the (mis) education system, enslavement to banksters via Citizen-ship and the practical steps open to any one seeking to free himself from the illusory State.

Doors open at 7pm Talk Starts at 8pm

£5 on the Door

@ 2Funky Music Cafe

23A New Park Street, Leicester, LE3 5NH


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