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23/01/12 – Dave Murphy – Freeman of the Land – Withholding money from the utility companies


Born in London and grew up in Essex, England began his career as an Animator, Graphic Designer, Portrait Artist then moved over to Computer Programming. In 1997 he was headhunted by an American Technical Consultancy Firm and subsequently emigrated to New York. While there he worked full time developing financial software for Wall Street firms and part time as a volunteer firefighter, taught Web Programming at Night School and was a Football Coach and a Lions Club Member.
On returning to England in late 2009, He continued his career in software design while trying to figure out a way not to.


After witnessing 9/11 at close range Dave began to wake up to the NWO agenda soon after. While researching he stumbled across Robert: Menard and was introduced to the Freeman concept.
On his return to England he fully embraced Freemanism and entered into Lawful Rebellion February 2010 after serving affidavits upon the Queen and ever since has been actively challenging the system over credit cards, council tax, utility bills, speeding/parking tickets, car de-registration and has attempted to be an active participant in the freeman community.

He also started the Freeman League website with the aim of gathering resources, information and likeminded individuals in order to establish a self sufficient community.

This particular talk is geared toward showing anyone (including ordinary folk who aren’t researching this stuff) how to withhold their money from the utility companies without undue stress or risk… It focuses on WHAT the utility companies are doing, HOW to safely withhold your money from them and WHY we all should be doing this.

His topics covered are:
Lawful Rebellion/Freeman
Eco Villages/Preparedness
NWO Agenda
Free Energy Systems

His website is: http://www.thefreemanleague.com/

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