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Michael and Sarah Feeley – Beyond the illusion: a time for awakening in Leicester on 06/02/12

Authors, Husband and Wife team and now Ex – Police officers Michael & Sarah Feeley, had the spiritual awakening of a lifetime when they relived the murder of a Victorian teenager in 2009.

Since that time they have had multiple experiences of a spiritual, supernatural and paranormal nature including the sighting of many Unidentified Flying Objects, the visitation of Angelic beings and Spiritual masters and have even seen and photographed ‘The Light’, the doorway from this dimension to the next, many of these experiences being recorded in their two books.

Michael channels many spiritual beings with their messages of Love, advice and encouragement while Sarah has begun to journey into the astral planes via her many out of body experiences.

This Twin Flame team are very big on helping people to realize that life as we know it is an illusion and that we are being manipulated by a darker authority who wish to suppress and prevent any spiritual inclinations any of us may have via means such as poisonous vaccinations, fluoridated water, genetically modified foods, television and so on. These dark souls are themselves manipulated by beings from another dimension and can be traced back to ancient times.

Join Michael & Sarah and share in their wondrous experiences at this informal, interactive group talk.

Their website is: http://www.michaelandsarahfeeley.com/

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