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Norman Perrin in Leicester on 09/07/12

The Obstacles to Truth are series of roadshow events, traveling from town to town, city to city, where we present a powerful & informative interactive workshop/presentation based on the sexual & consumer exploitation in our modern day culture which is due to social programming & engineering. Our children in particular are subjected to the barrage of sexually explicit content in music, tv shows, movies & even in advertising, we explore the reasons behind it & why it is happening. In our roadshow we have young up & coming artists expressing their desire to get the message out there to their peers through, singing, poetry, rapping, etc. As part of the solution we will also be talking on sexual expression showing ways of cultivating the sexual energy which mainstream education & religion ignores, & also applying the art of emotional intelligence. We believe sex is a sacred act between 2 loving partners & our aim is to help bring that back into society & addition to cultivate the sexual energy in a positive & creative way.

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