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Derryck Shearer in Leicester on 25/06/12

Plato kindly left us his, “Divided Line” analogy, and the allegory of “The Cave” to differentiate between aspects of mind and “the real”.  Find out how and where the “Staff of Hermes,” the “Staff of Esclepius” and the “Staff of Moses” fit into his schemata of the mind. Modern psychological practices and findings are in accord with this too, as are the findings of brain and heart neurosciences, and modern science.  You will be presented with facts that carry the potential to enhance, or challenge, your present views and understandings. You have to “see,” “get,” “hear,” something “brand new” for yourself, no one in this world can do that for you.  Michael Tsarion’s notions on doing the “inner work” and Darren Deojee’s notions of focusing on “the good” will be affirmed and validated.

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