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Gary White – Author of “The God Fraction” in Leicester on 12/11/12

A talk and workshop delivered by Garry White, one of our ‘local’ chaps and author of ‘The God Fraction’. He will walk us through his understanding of how our ‘Beliefs Create Our Reality’ and ultimately creates our external view of the outside world beyond our eyes, and discovering what that view means to us as individuals. He will bring to us his ‘un-conventional’ market place training knowledge, mixed with his spiritual growth knowledge that ultimately pulls the disguise off the main-stream media, educatio

n and sales pitches form large corporate businesses and Government social control belief mechanisms that impact each and every life.

We will be shown by how a simple comprehension of a very complex subject firstly can be applied at a personal level of understanding giving us all a very powerful self-creation tool for those wishing to apply it as knowledge. Through this simple comprehension we will see how our believes stack up, underpin and support new information perceived as truths; thus creating our personal and collective realities.

We all need to sell ourselves at some point, either if you’re trying to get help, love, support, in work or self employed; PERCEPTION does create reality. This knowledge is also a fantastic tool to apply into any sales techniques and opens the door to limitless opportunities providing it is applied with a strong respect for ethic and spirituality. This knowledge ultimately can cause as much harm as it can do good, used as part of a group, it has bigger and faster impact.

We will also get the chance to understand how we perceive ourselves and how others perceives us in a workshop where you can take part or simply observe.

Garry will also present a few examples of how he has applied this knowledge for ‘Without Harm’ gain and a lot more simplified ‘benefiting’ life, alongside a few examples of how social control is implemented and enforced to us as individuals and as a social collective.

The event has been designed to be open to questions throughout the evening with a workshop and interaction feel.

If you wish to attend this event, could you please make a brief comment of what you wish to gain from the talk/workshop and Garry will try his best to incorporate this within the event.

Open questions and opportunity to explore more will also be available afterwards within a closer circle if you wish to join us.

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