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Wai H Tsang in Leicester on 03/12/12

Fractal Minds, Sacred Cosmology, 2012 & Beyond
In this presentation Wai H. Tsang examines what it is that we’re actually doing in our lives and explains what is the underlying process behind all our behaviour. This talk will build on and complement a previous talk ‘2012 and the Fractal Brain Theory’ (See link below), but will also be standalone; essential points from the previous presentation will be recapped. Whereas the last talk dealt more with the neural structures of the brain, this talk will deal more

 with process and purpose. Also whereas the last talk was more about the substrates of mind, this one will cover the psychological, introspective, cognitive and behavioural aspects.
Later in the presentation Wai will do something very ambitious and show a complete correspondence between the process of our lives and the overall process of the entire Universe, thereby confirming in the latest 21st century scientific concepts the timeless idea that, ‘As is the Microcosm so is the Macrocosm’ and the notion that somehow we all made in the Image of God, enacting in our lives the divine process. Interestingly he will explore, using the Fractal Brain Theory, how it is and why it is that people experience certain special subjective states of being ‘one with the Universe’, ‘one with God’, ‘infinite consciousness’, etc. Thereby reaffirming ancient methods and techniques.
He will also discuss some of the wider future implications of the fractal brain theory.
This talk will be highly relevant to anyone interested in Psychology, Neuroscience, Self Development, Artificial Intelligence, Philosophy, Law of Attraction, Prophecy; also Cosmology and Esoteric Religion i.e. Tantra, Mystical Yoga, Kabbalah, Sufism, Gnosticism, Vajrayana Buddhism and Taoism.
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