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Paul Burley – Stonehenge: As above So Below in Leicester on 28/04/14

Burley_6x9_Stonehenge_FrontCover_FINAL Paul-Burley

“As Above, So Below: Unveiling the Truth about Stonehenge’s Sacred Landscape

Scientific investigations continue to emphasize relationships between architectural features at sites such as Stonehenge, Durrington Walls and Woodhenge to solar and lunar phenomena. However, archaeologists and archaeoastronomers have been unable to identify any over-riding design that would explain the purpose for placing the hundreds of burial sites across the Stonehenge landscape.

Results of new research and analysis clearly shows that the Stonehenge landscape ca. 3500 BC was designed to represent an ‘above, so below’ cosmo-geographical relationship. The design pre-dates by 1000 years the Orion-related geometry associated with the pyramids on the Giza Plateau. The objective of this presentation is twofold. First, type, shape, size and orientation of specific elements (such as long barrows, henges and the Greater Cursus) of Stonehenge’s mid-Neolithic landscape are shown directly related to stellar spatial relationships. Second, it is demonstrated that the resulting pattern of ritual and ceremonial features concerning death of the body represents translocation of the astronomical Otherworld – the Spirit World – onto Salisbury Plain. Results of the analysis create a new paradigm for the meaning of Stonehenge, demonstrating conformance with an apparently world-wide Neolithic understanding of where the spirit comes from, and returns.”

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