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Nick Marchmont in Leicester on 14/04/14

Gateway_Vortex_by_KyouKizuNick Marchmont – Worlds in Collision and the Electric Universe

Current models accounting for the development of our solar system are not consistent with the narratives handed down to the present age through the worldwide myths of our ancestors. This presentation considers the history of Earth, her sister planets and other cosmic bodies in the light of these ancient tales and modern discovery. Over the last decade investigations in plasma physics labs have been inspired by unorthodox histories and have, to a large degree, found evidence which confirms accounts in sources as distant from each other as the Old Testament, the legends of the ancient Maya and even nursery rhymes.

This re-telling of cosmic and geological history examines ideas that were once widespread but are now largely unrecognised, and hints at an age-old and wholesale misdirection of thought in both science and religion.

Entry £5

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