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Ryan Philips in Leicester on 14/03/16

We are all here because we can see that all is not the way it seems. We can see through the lies and deceptions of the media and the ruling elites. The purpose of this talk is to expore the reasons why things are the way they are, who is behind it all, and more importantly what we can do and what we can expect to happen very soon.

Ryan has had a lifetime of unexplainable events and has had to dig deep to get through certain scenarios. All the mysterious events have left Ryan with an insatiable appetite for truth, which has been a life long quest. After researching many, many subjects eventually a “big picture” begins to reveal itself and everything ties in perfectly. It is the “big picture” that Ryan intends to bring forth to his audience.

After a break from holding talks…Truthjuice Leicester is back. Please join us at our new venue to hear a brand new talk and meet like minded folks. Doors open @7pm with the talk commencing at 8pm. £5 on the door.

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