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Thomas Janak in Leicester on 01/06/2016

Animals and the afterlife

24052013_garden_001You can bring a picture of your pet passed on or alive (print out/hard copy/real picture as we will be sending blessings to them). To answer recurring questions by animal lovers, pet parents and so on about what happens after the passing of animals (and the answer is not as straight forward as one would think).

Thomas will deliver a talk that includes a q&a about the things you want to know.

Thomas has over 15 years of experience working with animals, many of them with abuse and bad pasts as well as reconnecting people to their pets once they have crossed the rainbow bridge and this evening will be a good start to talk about the neverending bond between people and pets and more.

Thomas’s clients included dogs, cats, goldfish, lizards, horses, owls, parrots, donkeys, foxes, owls, impalas, pigs as well as primates.


Wednesday 1st June 2016

Doors open @ 7pm Talk to Start @8pm

At: 2funky Music Cafe, New Park Street, Leicester, LE3 5NH

Entry fee £5


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